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About Us

Shanghai Fusion Fund Limited, funded in 2015, is an asset management company that mainly invests in Chinese A-share stocks in the secondary market. Our core investment team has over 12 years' experience in Chinese, Hongkong and the US stock market. We believe in "compound interests lead to success"; our goal is to generate steady and continuous interests for our investors. We insist in bottom-up strategy when picking stocks and we mainly look into sectors in consumer goods, TMT, and internet companies.


Fusion Fund sticks to the principles that "compound interests lead to success" and always puts the interests of the investors in the first place. We established a systematic investment framework by delving into macroeconomics, industry dynamics and corporate fundamentals. Our investment decisions are performance driven. We look into details in income statement and try to find trends in companies' earning abilities, and make investments based on that. Furthermore, we attach importance to a company's moat. While our investment and research team include a broad coverage of industries and companies when doing research; when comes to investment, we mainly focus on consumer goods sector, TMT, and internet companies. In the meantime, we constantly keep a small position open for up-and-coming industries to adapt to the unpredictable financial world.

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